365 Days of Sex!

365 Days of Sex!
sweet lovemaking

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another day in paradise

Knowing that I am going to have sex before I go to sleep has a wonderful effect on my psyche. I'm not sure how to explain it... it just somehow makes me feel truly happy.

There is no power struggle, no copping out because we're tired... Last night it was almost midnight before all of our kids were finally asleep... often we would have given in to sleep and missed out on a sweet love making session.

The sex was slow and dreamy.. we started off simply connecting and sending energy through each of our bodies... as our passion grew, we merged into soft and gentle sex.. delicious... It's almost 10pm tonight, I suppose we better get down to business:-) From my heart to yours, Joy

Friday, February 12, 2010

365 Days of Sex - Back to blogging

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay... we moved recently and now have a stable internet connection so I can blog about our experience. We consider the last month of sex a pre-challenge warm up. We officially launched our 365 day sex challenge yesterday (Feb 14th on Valentine's Day, 2010). We had a beautiful day together, spent some time with our kids, then went out to eat at The Tropical Island Thai food restaurant...

We shared a lover's meal for two while listening to live music... What a beautiful evening. Once home, we put the kids to bed, hung the hat on the door and began our romantic rendezvous... We had one of the most delicious love making sessions we've had in months!

The funny thing is, I had just sent out my weekly Tantra tip labeled: Take it slow... but I found myself throwing my advice out the window. We made passionate love, but it was not slow, it was fast and furious with moments of deep, slow passion...

The funny thing about this challenge is, it's not having sex everyday I find challenging, it's blogging everyday I am not used to. I will find my groove... until next time.. from my heart to yours, Joy

Friday, January 15, 2010

sex challenge challenge

Okay folks, this is the situation... we currently live on a tiny little isolated island in a small one room cabin with four kids. I am commuting 5 hours a day to and from work, my husband is working nearly full time hours, and our kids are night hawks...

The bottom line is that we have been managing to sneak in some quick nooky nearly daily, but there are many challenges we currently face, as mentioned above. In addition, my internet connection has been down for days.

On Feb 15th, we are moving to the city to pursue our dreams. We will have a huge bed, a master bathroom with a full bath and tonnes of mirrors, not to mention, I will be home more. So, I propose that we continue with our intimacy as a test run, but re-start our challenge officially without interruption (from the internet crashing, kids everywhere, and me traveling).

So, we will officially re-start the 365 day sex challenge on February 15th, 2010... What I have learned so far... even those of us who can't get enough sex face challenges when attempting to have sex daily... I will continue to update...

Monday, January 11, 2010

I love sex

That's the message for today! I LOVE SEX! As a Sex educator and an intimacy coach, I hear so many couples expressing dissatisfaction with sex life... not us... after more than a decade of sex, it seems that our love life only gets better with age:-)

We made such sweet love last night, it almost made me cry tears of joy. The feeling of your man's hands expertly caressing your body, pushing your buttons, and bringing you to that ecstatic state is simply divine. I suppose I will go into more detail as the challenge continues and I become increasingly comfortable with blogging, so stay tuned:-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Challenge with the challenge:-)

Sorry for the long delay folks. I was struggling with the openness of a blog... it feels a tad voyeuristic, which is not in my nature. However, a wonderful lady made some extremely valid points about the value of making our challenge public... and so, the challenge remains in the public eye:-)

The way I communicate and how I express myself may shift until I find a routine that works for me, but I promise to keep blogging. So, now for the update...

We have missed 3 days so far. The one time of the month I am not usually up for a romp is the first day of my cycle. That held true this month... I couldn't contemplate having sex while I was bleeding like a stuck pig... I know, I know, I need to embrace my cycle... while I try, I just don't seem to be there...

I imagined having sex in our bed, getting up and finding that my bed looked like someone had clubbed a baby seal... I know, what an image... you see what I was dealing with? What was interesting is that, rapidly, one day turned into 3 days...So, here we are, back on track and we have 3 days to make up... I will keep you posted. It is now my goal to blog each day of the challenge...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Double Take

Day 3 was a wonderful day for my husband and I. For some reason, we were overly affectionate with one another. We enjoyed some goat's cheese, crackers, olives, and red wine for lunch, had a wonderful family dinner and spent the rest of the evening cuddling and chatting.

Everyone is back to school, so the kids were in bed earlier than usual. We laid in bed chatting as and then he made his move:-) This challenge makes me think about things on a deeper level. The fine details of our sexual relationship stand out more in my mind.

What I have noticed most is that the more sex we have, the more sex we desire:-) It doesn't seem possible for us to lose interest. The first thing he did last night during our romantic encounter was give me a breast massage... take note gents... a breast massage relieves stress, helps improve the mood, and allows most women to open up more sexually.

Last night our position was the magice bullet...fyi.. enjoy the rest of your day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Challenge goes missionary

Our second day of the challenge (Jan 2nd). We laid in bed chatting long after the kids had shut their eyes and finally gone to sleep. There is a comfort between us that I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy. I am finding the effects of this challenge interesting, but I'll talk about that another day.

As it often does, our lovemaking began with gentle kissing that merged into the mingling of our bodies. I felt his hands on my breasts at first, searching for a path beneath the light cotton of my tank top. Then a hand between my legs, which caused a flood of sensations to pass through my body.

Then, in one swift move, I pulled him on top of me into missionary. Funny, I never thought about it much before, but we rarely have missionary style sex. He moved on top of me with great expertise, finding just the right angle to increase my pleasure. we kissed passionately as we made love.

At some point we switched into 2 or 3 more positions, but the rest is truly a blur of wonder and passion. The specific details melting from my mind. Once again, we lay in orgasmic bliss, then began our lovemaking over again. This time we merged into the mantrap:-) Before we were done, I'd had 3 orgasms and he'd had two...always one up:-) Enjoy your day!